Art: Andy Warhol’s “Shadows” Through My Lens

As soon as I walked into MOCA’s current Andy Warhol exhibit, Shadows, I noticed this pattern. It was striking. I immediately started shooting. Shadows upon shadows at Shadows. It was perfect.

There’s something soothing about escaping the city’s roar, down the steps into an artistic oasis. You can feel the creativity in the room dance with curiosity. On the day I visited, there were families, couples and folks of all ages analyzing each piece of what looked like a colorful puzzle-pattern.

It turns out Shadows came about in the late 1970s as Warhol created this huge painting in 102 parts (which you can see in some of these photographs). The colors change pretty dramatically from somber and toned down to bright and loud. It’s been compared to a song with its repetition and varying emotions and that’s not far-off from what I experienced as I walked around.

Beyond the beauty of the work, it was also awesome to experience Warhol, such an acclaimed artist, from a different perspective, one I wasn’t expecting.

Here’s a look at Andy Warhol: Shadows through my lens.



For more on this exhibit, check out MOCA‘s page.


2 thoughts on “Art: Andy Warhol’s “Shadows” Through My Lens

  1. Hello I was hoping to use one of these photographs for our publication, Turps Banana Magazine. We are a non profit journal with no image rights budget but you would be credited and we can let you have a free copy. Is this something you would be willing to offer? We are doing a special on New York. I’m joint editor Phil King.


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