Photos & Album Stream: Bambu’s “Party Worker”

Bambu is an incredible rapper from Los Angeles, California.

There are plenty of people who know this, but too many who don’t. This is kind of an introduction to an artist I respect, a man who just released his new album, Party Worker, a cohesive collection of tracks about struggle, injustice and a fight for balance in life. From the banging opener “Check In” to the outstanding closer “Monsters,” Party Worker is a phenomenal project that has inspired me.

This year, I really dove into Bam’s work and found inspiration in his lyrics. One Rifle Per Family and Sun of a Gun are two of my favorite albums in the last couple of years and each one deserves its own recognition. And trust that he’s got even more gems if you dig further back.


Bam’s material on Party Worker falls right in line with the last couple of albums, a breath of fresh air and a punch in the face of inequality. What’s most striking about his lyrics, in my opinion, is that he doesn’t just rhyme about political topics without explaining how they impact our daily lives. It’s not empty. It’s purposeful. He balances this with strong introspective rhymes about his family and his own experiences to create something relatable, reflective and real.

“Walk On The Sun” is a wonderful introduction to Sun of a Gun, but it’s also a great introduction to Bambu, as an artist. “I ain’t here to push agendas over beats,” he raps on the track. “I just came to spread the sun across the beach.” The track tackles the healthcare industry’s issues, his life as a Marine and his hopes to inspire the future. “Be a man about the people, love the people, serve the people,” he explains. “Un pueblo unido.”


A year later, on Party Worker, that message remains just as strong. Listen to Party Worker below and buy it on iTunes.


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